21 June 2011

Cat garden - day 7

Cat grassOur cat grass has grown nicely and is about 3 inches long. Mom is surprised at how quickly it grew because it's only been a week since she planted the seeds. She picked a few pieces and brought them inside for us to try.

sammi sniffing cat grass

Really, you think I'm going to eat grass when I know there's chicken in the fridge?

Raven sniffing cat grass

You woke me from my nap for this? I'll sniff it to amuse you, but I'm not eating green stuff. Try me again when the catnip is ready to harvest.


  1. Oh Kitties, humans are crazy like that. We know we have two crazies taking care of us.

  2. [...] vacuum cleaner and lawn mower, it’s been a quiet weekend here in the Indulged Furries home. Our cat garden was a lovely thought, but we didn’t want to eat the grass and only two teensy catnip plants [...]