31 May 2011

Sammi the pirate kitty.

Raven and I are playing pirate this week at #NipClub on twitter. #NipClub is where lots of anipals have fun and help animal charities. You can read more about Nipclub here and maybe you'll decide to join in the fun.

For this week's Pirate Battle our talented twitter friend @MizzBassie made a prosthetic hook to replace my missing paw. Doesn't it look great?

After I got my hook, I got to thinking that maybe I could have several attachments. This big hook is great for playing pirate and for snatching fish out of the lake or ocean. Even though my hook is light, it's not practical for things like climbing or taking care of business in the litter box. Maybe I could get a cat claw attachment for climbing & scratching and a little shovel attachment when I need to bury things in the litter box.

I do really well and I'm happy as a three-legged kitty, but it sure would be fun to pretend I have lots of paw attachments. My favorite one might be a big boxing glove to bonk Raven on the head!

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  1. Ahoy matey! There be tunas in them there seas!!