15 May 2011

A rare kitty-sisters moment

It isn't very often that Sammi and I will sleep near each other, but I was feeling a bit lonely today and came into the bedroom to be with Mom & Sammi. This is my bedroom and Sammi usually isn't in here, but mom was cleaning the closet and Sammi decided to investigate. After awhile she settled onto one of my blankets for a nap. I decided it was too lonely to be in the other room all by myself, so I carefully got on the bed so as not to disturb Sammi and snuggled on to my big pillow for a nap. Sammi gave me a few disapproving looks, but Mom was there to make sure she didn't try to chase me away. Mom was glad to see us napping together but she knew it was only happening because Dad is camping this weekend and we're feeling a bit out of sorts without him. Sammi will be back to requiring I stay 1 foot away from her when Dad gets home.

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