09 May 2011

Our sensitive kitty Raven

We know our Raven is a shy, sensitive girl. She often finds the quietest spot in the house to sleep in and gets nervous or hides when she hears loud noises.

We learned how shy Raven is during our attempt to adopt a third cat. Her sensitive nature has become more obvious as we watch her reactions to other cat noises. A few weeks ago she heard two cats having a midnight territorial dispute in one of the adjoining backyards. She ran from window to window trying to see where the yowling & hissing was coming from, then  hid under the bed. I guess if you can't see where the scary noises are coming from, you should hide from them. We coaxed her out, reassured her she was safe, and got her to snuggle in with us to go back to bed.

When I was watching this video about a cat coughing due to asthma, Raven was on my desk and seemed to get agitated by the sounds the cat was making. I thought maybe the cat sounded distressed to Raven and it made her nervous. Apparently, the nervewracking sounds don't have to be in "real life", but can be from internet videos.

This weekend I was watching the first episode of "My Cat From Hell" on Animal Planet. When Raven heard "Bear" hissing, she became nervous and started looking for someplace to hide. I muted the volume on the t.v. and reassured my little girl she was safe. I didn't watch the second part of the show with another hissing cat because I didn't want Raven to be upset.

I think I'll keep watching Cats 101  instead of this new series. Cats 101 has happy, meowing cats and doesn't upset Raven.

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