11 May 2011

Wildlife visitors are better than cat TV

We had some wild friends visit our yard today. We try to keep a wildlife-friendly back yard to attract birds, squirrels, and lizards. They are great entertainment for both humans and indoor cats.

The Scrub Jay likes to eat insects from our lawn. We don't spray for bugs so there are always plenty for him to eat.

The hummingbirds come to our feeder every day. This little girl ate while her mate sat in the tree an protected her. We use A-1 Best Hummingbird food. It doesn't have any food coloring so it's healthier for the birds.

And a furry little squirrel used our mushroom statue to take a break from looking for buried nuts. The neighbor leaves out peanuts and the squirrels come bury them in our yard because most of their yard is pool & concrete.

We hope your day was as entertaining as ours. We're glad it's spring and the wild animal friends are visiting the yard and entertaining us.

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