11 May 2011

Playing with only three legs

I have plenty of fun even though I have only three legs. My favorite game is to leap & pounce on a wand toy that has mylar strips on the end. Mom wiggles the toy beneath a pile of tissue paper and over to a soft cat bed. I have a fondness for tissue paper and it's fun for me to pounce around on the paper to find the toy. The soft cat bed makes another perfect pouncing place. The bed supports my chest where my front leg used to be and I have a fantastic time pawing for the toy on top of the bed. Here's a video of me playing with my "razzle dazzle" toy. I have to expend a little more effort running & playing than a 4-legged cat, so mom always make sure I capture my toy and have a fun play session, She thinks I don't know she's "helping" me, but I'm missing a leg, not my hunting & predator skills.

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