11 April 2011

Shameless begging

Yes, you're adorable. No, you may not have BBQ potato chips and beer.

10 April 2011

Trying Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat litter.

We're trying a new litter in the Indulged Furries home.

I've used The World's Best Cat Litter for years and have been happy with its performance. The only negative to this litter is that it's a bit dusty and Raven sometimes looks raccoonish with yellow dust coating her paws and face.

The problem we're having is that Sammi's paws are getting little bumps that irritate her. She's been biting at herself and chewing her fur. We took her to the vet for a thorough exam and he couldn't find any obvious causes. Since her diet has not changed and she doesn't go outside, there aren't many things that could cause her skin issues. Sammi is on a grain-free diet because grain upsets her digestive system so we're taking a long-shot guess that maybe the corn litter has started irritating her skin.

Our Golden Retriever had allergies that showed up as skin issues. Maybe Sammi is having similar issues. Corn can be an allergan for many pets, and she's been exposed to it for 2 years now so maybe it's starting to become a problem for her.

After catching up on the current clay litter brands, I've decided to try Dr. Elsey's Ultra Precious Cat. It has no added dyes or perfumes and is not very dusty. I was able to see it in action at our animal shelter and when refilling litter boxes I was surprised at how little dust drifted up as I poured it from the bag.

I don't think Raven and Sammi will hesitate to use the new litter and we'll see if Sammi's legs stop getting little bumps. That's won't necessarily mean the bumps were caused by the corn litter - it could just be a coincidence or something else that cleared up. But we'll be able to try Dr. Elsey's litter and see how we like it's performance.

09 April 2011

Litter Box Inspection

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Raven inspects the litter box for cleanliness"]

Other than a friend complimenting us on some aspect of our pets, the next best thing we appreciate hearing is that our house doesn't smell like pets live there. For cat owners, litter box smell is always a concern.

Last night my husband brought a friend by on short notice. He called ahead and said they would be there in a few minutes, so I had enough time to tidy up the litter boxes and sweep the scattered litter from the bathroom floor. I had already emptied the trash so there wasn't any used litter to take outside.

Sure enough, our friend visited the bathroom. Usually people don't say anything good or bad, but he congratulated me on having a bathroom that didn't have any litter box odors. His kids have turtles, so he knows about animal smells and how offensive they can become if you don't keep up on the cleaning.

I happily take compliments for keeping a clean litter box area because it is something I put a fair amount of effort into. I scoop the boxes at least twice a day and use a Lysol wipe to clean any dirt from the edges of the box. If Raven or Sammi soils the box with solid waste when we're home, I scoop as soon as I realize they've used the box so there are no odors making their way through the house. When I notice there's litter dust on the wall, baseboards, or cabinet fronts, I wash them too.

I admit there's a bit of luck in having an odor free house. If one of the cats had used the box just before our friend used the bathroom, I'm sure there would have been some odors. But that's different than having a room where offensive odors have permeated every nook and cranny.

Keeping clean litter boxes is easy if you tidy up on a daily basis and everyone, both cats and humans, appreciates it.

05 April 2011

Beauty and Mischief - at least for tonight

Sammi is a beautiful portrait subject.

While Raven is caught in the act of being naughty.

I love both my girls. They couldn't be more different and they bring unique personalities to our home.  It will be difficult capturing photos of them swapping roles because Sammi is so quick about being naughty except at the dinner table. Raven is so brazen about breaking the rules that she'll pose for a "naughty" photo.