11 March 2011

Taste Test - Wellness versus Salmon

Tonight we had a spontaneous taste test between Wellness grain free canned chicken flavor cat food and poached salmon.  


Raven showed zero interest in the salmon. She didn't even sniff it and went straight to the Wellness canned food. She eats this food twice daily so I thought she'd be tempted by the salmon, but I was wrong. She patiently waited while I prepared the plates, then ate her Wellness. 

Sammi also surprised me. Without a doubt I thought she would devour the salmon first, but she didn't. First she ate some Wellness, then the salmon, then back to the Wellness. 

Sammi eating salmon

Sammi eating Wellness

What didn't surprise me is that Sammi ate all the salmon. What she doesn't know is that this is going to be her last meal of favorite canned food and human food treats. She's been getting some itchy bumps on her skin and scratching & biting at herself. I suspect it may be because I've been over-indulging her and letting her enjoy a variety of foods. I'm hoping that if I return to keeping her on a strict diet of Wellness CORE chicken/turkey food the itchy bumps will go away. I expect it will be a difficult adjustment for all of us as she gets used to the CORE canned food being her treat and not being given any of our salmon or filet mignon!

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