09 March 2011

Sammi sits politely at the dinner table

It's not surprising that Sammi was at the dinner table again tonight. She smelled the salmon and came 3-legged running from her bed. We thought the salmon was a bit fishy tasting, but Sammi enjoyed the few slivers she got as a treat.

Tomorrow, she's out of luck. It's Grandma's birthday and we're going to Spaghetti Factory. I always get the pasta with browned-butter mizithra and I bet she'd like a bit of that salty cheese. I guess I could give her a little taste of mizithra....I have some in the refrigerator.  We'll see.

p.s. Yes, that is a "Marine Fishes" book on our diner table and we think there's some irony in there somewhere. Dad likes fishies. I'm only allowed to eat what mom gives me, NOT the fish in dad's fish tanks.

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