20 March 2011

Sammi doesn't appreciate ear cleaning

Sammi is not a happpy cat this morning and the look on her face lets me know she's done with me for a few hours. 

Even though Sammi is missing a front leg, she is very capable and able-kittied. Cats are independent and like to groom themselves, and Sammi is no different. Even though she thinks she doesn't need help with anything, there are a few things she can't do for herself and we need to help out. One of these things is helping with ear cleaning.

Cats clean their ears with their paw, repeatedly licking the paw and rubbing it over the ear until everything is clean. But without a left front leg it's impossible for her to keep her left ear clean. This means she gets a waxy buildup on the inner side of her ear flap that I need to wash every few weeks.

I use over-the-counter cat ear cleaner and a washcloth with mild soap to clean the wax from her skin and fur. It takes 10 minutes and Sammi is annoyed during every second of it. A wet ear and fur is annoying, but in a couple hours she'll be dry and happy again.

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