19 March 2011

Raven’s Special Box

Raven sitting in her special box

This is my special box. Most boxes come and go, but this is my favorite. I've had it since joining the family over two years ago and dad even wrote my name on it. It sits beside his desk so I can come be close to him and get petted without getting on his keyboard.

Raven relaxing in her special box

Raven getting petted by dad in her special box

Sammi usually shows no interest in my special box, but she became a squatter yesterday. Look at her in my box. She even had the audacity to rub her scent on it. And look at how she's staring at me with those covetous eyes. I think it's very selfish of her to try to steal the one special box that dad made for me. At least she didn't stay in it very long and I got to have my box back. I wish she would have been punished for being in my box, or at least for looking at me with those glowing eyes, but mom said it was ok. She explained that Sammi was just having a little visit to see why I like my box so much and Sammi didn't mean to look at me like that (well, maybe she did, but that's just Sammi). The box isn't special to Sammi, it's only special to me because my daddy made it specially for me.
Sammi in Raven's box

Sammi rubbing on Raven's box

Sammi staring at Raven

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