16 March 2011

Our Kitty Grandma

sammi being pettedGrandma came over tonight to pet me. Ok, she really came over so she and Dad could go out to a basketball game. She thinks I'm a really special kitty because I'm so pretty and I have lots of purrsonality and I come right up to her to be petted. She's really "a dog person" so she likes that I come up to her for petting. I'm trying to turn her into "a cat person". I heard her say she petted a dog today so I think I still have some work to do. But I still love her because she always pets me and knows that I like the base of my tail scratched.cats being pettedGrandma, what are you doing petting Raven? I'm your favorite.  Oh, dad's petting me, I guess it's ok.

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