25 March 2011

A Fishy Fiasco

They're not furry, but the finned family members are also indulged. Well, we try to indulge them. Unfortunately, this duo didn't fare well. They were named Tweety and Wiggy. Tweety got his name because he reminded me of Tweety bird. I saw him in the fish store and was amused by him. He had a big, narrow head with little black eyes and kept coming to the front of the tank. His buddy Wiggy looked like he was wearing a big white wig.

We've kept many fish over the years and thought these would make an interesting addition to the dining room. They're mellow, goofy looking, and fun to watch. Sadly, they didn't survive the initial nitrogen cycle of a new fish tank, despite our best efforts to keep them healthy. They broke out with ich, then fin rot. Poor fishies.

In a few weeks we'll try restocking the tank again. It will take that long before the tank is stable and the ich fungus had died off through it's natural life-cycle.

Until then, our indulged Betas will have to amuse us.

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