17 March 2011

Finn in his forever home

Finn in cat perch
Finn in his new home
In February, I wrote how happy I was that Alberto was adopted  from our local shelter and that his new name is Finn. His mom let the shelter know that after a month of living with them Finn has settled in with his new family. At first one of the resident cats named Theo wasn't sure about the newcomer, but now Finn and Theo are buddies who groom each other and sleep on the same bed.  In the shelter Alberto didn't really enjoy being held and he wanted to sit next to you to be petted. He wasn't comfortable sitting on a lap. But with his new family, Finn snuggles on his mom's lap! I think he was saving his deepest love & affection for his forever family.

Finn looks very content and comfortable in one of the cat perches in his forever home.

Posted with permission of Finn's forever mom.

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