07 March 2011

And I'm the Naughty Kitty?

Here I am, politely eating my dinner from my dinner bowl. I don't usually join the family at dinner time because I get my plate of canned food while mom is preparing their dinner. After snacking on a little canned food, I go off to a quiet bedroom and take a little after-dinner nap. But today there was a lot of activity in the dining room so I came out to see what was going on.

What I saw was a bit embarassing for respectable kitties. It was also odd since I'm supposed to be the "Naughty Kitty" and Sammi is the "Princess".  Hah! She's really the naughty one.

I come out to see Sammi sitting on mom's chair getting a little taste of turkey enchilada. It's not unusual for Sammi to get a little treat of turkey, but sitting at the table?! That's getting a bit too lenient in the kitty manners department

Sammi is as bad as a dog when it comes to begging for food. Mom & Dad never allowed our dog Bentley to beg at the table, so I'm not sure why they let Sammi do it. I think it's because she Sammi plays the "I'm a sick & disabled kitty" card and gets to have bad manners. Granted, she is kind-of cute when she stands on her hind legs and puts her one front paw on the leg of the table. But she's giving us refined felines a bad name with her shameless begging.


I guess this is an improvement from yesterday when Sammi had her paw on the table trying to sniff mom's dinner. Mom & dad certainly aren't helping the situation. They think it's funny how determined Sammi is to get some of their food and they let her get away with being naughty because it amuses them. Yesterday she meowed her little head off to get a teeny-tiny piece of filet mignon.

Just look at the expression on dad's face as Sammi tries to taste mom's dinner.

She didn't get to eat off mom's plate, but she did get to taste a few tiny strands of meat. Once she tasted the first piece, she meowed and meowed for more. It will be a long time before Sammi tastes filet mignon again because mom & dad only bring it home as left-overs from when they go out to dinner. Sammi is also going to be very disappointed when mom & dad start reinforcing kitty manners and make her stay away from the table when they're eating. I think it's for the best. After all, we are well-mannered Indulged Felines.

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