30 March 2011

My new Peruvian highland wool pet mat

My new, hand-knitted Peruvian Highland Wool pet mat from WraptCats etsy store arrived in the mail today. I thought it would be warm and comfy and complement my lustrous black fur. This is my first time on it and it makes a perfect spot to stop and take a bath. I'm sure I'll be asleep on it soon. I hope Sammi doesn't try to claim it as hers.

26 March 2011

Kitty clock says it's dinnertime

This looks remarkably similar to the scene 10 hours ago when Raven and Sammi wanted breakfast. They wait patiently in their spots then eat. Other than the clutter on the kitchen counter changing (it never seems to disappear), the same scene is repeated twice daily, every day.


Kitty clock says it's lunchtime

Raven is letting us know it's time for a snack. She sits patiently in the kitchen waiting for her plate of food.

Sammi doesn't want to miss out, so she comes running and sits on the arm of the couch behind the kitchen counter. Occasionally, she'll forget her manners and put her front paw up on the counter. She doesn't like to be on the floor so she gets her snack on the couch. 

25 March 2011

A Fishy Fiasco

They're not furry, but the finned family members are also indulged. Well, we try to indulge them. Unfortunately, this duo didn't fare well. They were named Tweety and Wiggy. Tweety got his name because he reminded me of Tweety bird. I saw him in the fish store and was amused by him. He had a big, narrow head with little black eyes and kept coming to the front of the tank. His buddy Wiggy looked like he was wearing a big white wig.

We've kept many fish over the years and thought these would make an interesting addition to the dining room. They're mellow, goofy looking, and fun to watch. Sadly, they didn't survive the initial nitrogen cycle of a new fish tank, despite our best efforts to keep them healthy. They broke out with ich, then fin rot. Poor fishies.

In a few weeks we'll try restocking the tank again. It will take that long before the tank is stable and the ich fungus had died off through it's natural life-cycle.

Until then, our indulged Betas will have to amuse us.

23 March 2011

Raven's Closeup - My Beautiful Black Cat

My lustrous black kitty.

Click to enlarge.

22 March 2011

Sammi's Golden Close-up

The gold fur on her nose captivates me.

Click to enlarge. Then click again. You can almost count the hairs.

21 March 2011

Wet Again?!

Mom said she could smell soap residue on my fur after yesterday's ear cleaning so I had to have another rinse today. My first thought was maybe she should stop sniffing me. Then I realized she's taking good care of me and doesn't want soap residue to irritate my skin. The rinsing wasn't too bad. They wrapped me up in a towel so only my head stuck out and the rest of me was protected. Then dad held my head over the kitchen sink and mom took the sprayer with a nice warm, gentle spray and rinsed off my head. It took only a minute and I was done.

Then dad had another good idea. Dad turned up the heat for the whole house and mom sat me on top of the heater vent for a nice quiet, gentle blow-dry. It only took a few minutes to get all dry and fluffy. Now I'm pretty again and I don't smell like soap.

20 March 2011

Sammi doesn't appreciate ear cleaning

Sammi is not a happpy cat this morning and the look on her face lets me know she's done with me for a few hours. 

Even though Sammi is missing a front leg, she is very capable and able-kittied. Cats are independent and like to groom themselves, and Sammi is no different. Even though she thinks she doesn't need help with anything, there are a few things she can't do for herself and we need to help out. One of these things is helping with ear cleaning.

Cats clean their ears with their paw, repeatedly licking the paw and rubbing it over the ear until everything is clean. But without a left front leg it's impossible for her to keep her left ear clean. This means she gets a waxy buildup on the inner side of her ear flap that I need to wash every few weeks.

I use over-the-counter cat ear cleaner and a washcloth with mild soap to clean the wax from her skin and fur. It takes 10 minutes and Sammi is annoyed during every second of it. A wet ear and fur is annoying, but in a couple hours she'll be dry and happy again.

19 March 2011

Raven’s Special Box

Raven sitting in her special box

This is my special box. Most boxes come and go, but this is my favorite. I've had it since joining the family over two years ago and dad even wrote my name on it. It sits beside his desk so I can come be close to him and get petted without getting on his keyboard.

Raven relaxing in her special box

Raven getting petted by dad in her special box

Sammi usually shows no interest in my special box, but she became a squatter yesterday. Look at her in my box. She even had the audacity to rub her scent on it. And look at how she's staring at me with those covetous eyes. I think it's very selfish of her to try to steal the one special box that dad made for me. At least she didn't stay in it very long and I got to have my box back. I wish she would have been punished for being in my box, or at least for looking at me with those glowing eyes, but mom said it was ok. She explained that Sammi was just having a little visit to see why I like my box so much and Sammi didn't mean to look at me like that (well, maybe she did, but that's just Sammi). The box isn't special to Sammi, it's only special to me because my daddy made it specially for me.
Sammi in Raven's box

Sammi rubbing on Raven's box

Sammi staring at Raven

17 March 2011

Finn in his forever home

Finn in cat perch
Finn in his new home
In February, I wrote how happy I was that Alberto was adopted  from our local shelter and that his new name is Finn. His mom let the shelter know that after a month of living with them Finn has settled in with his new family. At first one of the resident cats named Theo wasn't sure about the newcomer, but now Finn and Theo are buddies who groom each other and sleep on the same bed.  In the shelter Alberto didn't really enjoy being held and he wanted to sit next to you to be petted. He wasn't comfortable sitting on a lap. But with his new family, Finn snuggles on his mom's lap! I think he was saving his deepest love & affection for his forever family.

Finn looks very content and comfortable in one of the cat perches in his forever home.

Posted with permission of Finn's forever mom.

16 March 2011

Our Kitty Grandma

sammi being pettedGrandma came over tonight to pet me. Ok, she really came over so she and Dad could go out to a basketball game. She thinks I'm a really special kitty because I'm so pretty and I have lots of purrsonality and I come right up to her to be petted. She's really "a dog person" so she likes that I come up to her for petting. I'm trying to turn her into "a cat person". I heard her say she petted a dog today so I think I still have some work to do. But I still love her because she always pets me and knows that I like the base of my tail scratched.cats being pettedGrandma, what are you doing petting Raven? I'm your favorite.  Oh, dad's petting me, I guess it's ok.


Papa bear growled, "Someone's been sleeping in my bed,"

"Someone's been sleeping in my bed, too" said the Mama bear.

"Someone's been sleeping in my bed and she's still there!" exclaimed Baby bear.

Raven in bed

12 March 2011

This bed is just right

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, which bed should I sleep in tonight?

The one on the right is my "old" new bed and I slept in it last week. I like it because the bottom is padded and the bed goes back far enough that I can curl up in the back have a couple inches of room near the opening. Mom saw how much I liked hiding in the back of my new bed that she decided to order two more - just in case she can't find them again. That happens a lot with the beds we really like - they stop making them.

Tonight I'll sleep in this bed and make sure it is as comfy as the original. Maybe tomorrow I'll use the middle bed.

11 March 2011

Taste Test - Wellness versus Salmon

Tonight we had a spontaneous taste test between Wellness grain free canned chicken flavor cat food and poached salmon.  


Raven showed zero interest in the salmon. She didn't even sniff it and went straight to the Wellness canned food. She eats this food twice daily so I thought she'd be tempted by the salmon, but I was wrong. She patiently waited while I prepared the plates, then ate her Wellness. 

Sammi also surprised me. Without a doubt I thought she would devour the salmon first, but she didn't. First she ate some Wellness, then the salmon, then back to the Wellness. 

Sammi eating salmon

Sammi eating Wellness

What didn't surprise me is that Sammi ate all the salmon. What she doesn't know is that this is going to be her last meal of favorite canned food and human food treats. She's been getting some itchy bumps on her skin and scratching & biting at herself. I suspect it may be because I've been over-indulging her and letting her enjoy a variety of foods. I'm hoping that if I return to keeping her on a strict diet of Wellness CORE chicken/turkey food the itchy bumps will go away. I expect it will be a difficult adjustment for all of us as she gets used to the CORE canned food being her treat and not being given any of our salmon or filet mignon!

10 March 2011

Perches for the Shelter Cats

We know we're so fortunate to have lots of perches to climb or sleep on and we thought it would be nice to indulge our kitty friends who are living at the animal shelter. They have really nice habitat rooms, but they have only beds and some well-used perches that are donated by animal lovers like us. It's very stressful living in a shelter, and having a perch where the cats can get up off the ground and climb & scratch helps relieve their boredom and stress.

When we saw that perches were on sale at the local Pet Club Food and Supplies store, we thought we could purchase a few perches for the shelter cats. I usually don't mention stores by name, but this time I have to - you'll see why below.

I had a budget of about $250 and we were able to buy 3 good-quality, medium-sized perches. As I was checking out, our checker happened to be the manager. He asked what I was purchasing all the cat perches for and I said I volunteer at the local animal shelter and the kitties need some perches. He commented how nice I was to do that and we chatted a bit more. Then he said that he would be willing to donate 2 more perches to the shelter! I was so happy that more kitties would be able to enjoy a perch! I picked out 2 other medium-sized perches and the store staff helped us load everything into my car.

Here's Indigo enjoying the sun.

Jesse liked climbing up & down this perch. 

Jesse's brother James liked the "top spot". Abigail was happy to be on the second level.

Romo posed for a photo, then curled up on top of the perch for a nap.

Mama took an immediate liking to the cubby hole in her new perch. 
As these cats are adopted, other cats will be moved from cages into the habitat room where they will be able to enjoy a perch. Many, many cats will be very happy over the next year or so. That's about the life-span of a perch in the shelter because it gets so much use by so many cats and the perches have to be cleaned regularly to help prevent the spread of any diseases.

If you are able to donate a perch to your local animal shelter, I'm sure they would be grateful and the cats would love it. It doesn't have to be a new or fancy perch.  If you have a perch that is gently used, that will be good too.  Or maybe you can donate a pet bed or an old blanket. Contact your local shelter and see what they need or can use, and help the animals in your local shelter stay happy and healthy while they are waiting for their forever home.

And again, a big Thank You to Pet Club Food and Supplies for generously donating to our local animal shelter.

p.s. Jesse and James (brothers) were adopted together. Romo and Abigail were also adopted.

09 March 2011

Sammi sits politely at the dinner table

It's not surprising that Sammi was at the dinner table again tonight. She smelled the salmon and came 3-legged running from her bed. We thought the salmon was a bit fishy tasting, but Sammi enjoyed the few slivers she got as a treat.

Tomorrow, she's out of luck. It's Grandma's birthday and we're going to Spaghetti Factory. I always get the pasta with browned-butter mizithra and I bet she'd like a bit of that salty cheese. I guess I could give her a little taste of mizithra....I have some in the refrigerator.  We'll see.

p.s. Yes, that is a "Marine Fishes" book on our diner table and we think there's some irony in there somewhere. Dad likes fishies. I'm only allowed to eat what mom gives me, NOT the fish in dad's fish tanks.

07 March 2011

And I'm the Naughty Kitty?

Here I am, politely eating my dinner from my dinner bowl. I don't usually join the family at dinner time because I get my plate of canned food while mom is preparing their dinner. After snacking on a little canned food, I go off to a quiet bedroom and take a little after-dinner nap. But today there was a lot of activity in the dining room so I came out to see what was going on.

What I saw was a bit embarassing for respectable kitties. It was also odd since I'm supposed to be the "Naughty Kitty" and Sammi is the "Princess".  Hah! She's really the naughty one.

I come out to see Sammi sitting on mom's chair getting a little taste of turkey enchilada. It's not unusual for Sammi to get a little treat of turkey, but sitting at the table?! That's getting a bit too lenient in the kitty manners department

Sammi is as bad as a dog when it comes to begging for food. Mom & Dad never allowed our dog Bentley to beg at the table, so I'm not sure why they let Sammi do it. I think it's because she Sammi plays the "I'm a sick & disabled kitty" card and gets to have bad manners. Granted, she is kind-of cute when she stands on her hind legs and puts her one front paw on the leg of the table. But she's giving us refined felines a bad name with her shameless begging.


I guess this is an improvement from yesterday when Sammi had her paw on the table trying to sniff mom's dinner. Mom & dad certainly aren't helping the situation. They think it's funny how determined Sammi is to get some of their food and they let her get away with being naughty because it amuses them. Yesterday she meowed her little head off to get a teeny-tiny piece of filet mignon.

Just look at the expression on dad's face as Sammi tries to taste mom's dinner.

She didn't get to eat off mom's plate, but she did get to taste a few tiny strands of meat. Once she tasted the first piece, she meowed and meowed for more. It will be a long time before Sammi tastes filet mignon again because mom & dad only bring it home as left-overs from when they go out to dinner. Sammi is also going to be very disappointed when mom & dad start reinforcing kitty manners and make her stay away from the table when they're eating. I think it's for the best. After all, we are well-mannered Indulged Felines.