12 February 2011

Alberto is adopted!!!

Alberto is now Finn
Today was a fantastic day at the shelter. After 5 months of trying to make a connection, Alberto finally found his forever family. Alberto was one of the cats who has been with us the longest and during that time, many staff and volunteers have taken care of Alberto and tried to keep him happy & healthy until the right person came along to adopt him.  He wasn't an attention-grabbing fuzzy kitten and he didn't beg for attention, but those of us who took care of him knew he had a great personality. He didn't want to sit on your lap and be cuddled, but Alberto would nudge your hand for petting. A typical cat - petting on his terms. He also had a fun quirk in that he would pull one piece of treats from a pile and eat it then paw the next one towards him and eat it. He also enjoyed sprawling across a bed for a nap. Alberto is a fairly good-sized boy and I'd laugh whenever I walked by and saw him sleeping with his long front paws stretched out in front of him hanging off the bed. Every weekend we'd hope it was his weekend to get adopted, but it just wasn't happening. So, we stepped it up a notch to find Alberto the right companion. With some professional quality photos on the web showing off his gorgeous gold eyes, and some chat about his personality, today was Alberto's lucky day. He was adopted and is part of a 4-cat household. His new name is Finn.  I will miss you, you big goofy boy, but I am so happy you finally found your forever home.  Make us proud Finn; be a good boy, don't get into any spats with your new kitty siblings, and most importantly, live a long happy life bringing joy to your new owners.