02 December 2010

A great week at the shelter

The shelter has been very busy with people coming in to adopt animals who will be going "home for the holidays".  I was very happy to see five of the cats I mentioned a couple days ago get adopted. Twiskers and Aurora are both fantastic kittens and I hope they thrive in their new homes. Josephine the calico fluff-kitten was adopted, as was Aslan the giant fluff-ball-lover.  It was funny to watch that big fluff lay on his back and get his tummy rubbed by his new family. Butternutt, the boy who slept through "Black Friday" went to a rescue group who will work to find him a new home.

On another good note, my big buddy Alberto was neutered this week and was moved from his single-cat cage into a multi-cat habitat room.  He took to his new digs quite well and settled in with a few other big boys and a calico girl who had her severely burned tail amputated by the shelter vet.

All in all, a Fantastic week at the shelter and for the many cats and dogs who were adopted.

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