13 December 2010

Home for the Holidays

Home for the HolidaysFour local animal shelters are participating in a Home for the Holidays campaign to promote animal adoptions.  The entire month of December adoptions are half price and the goal is to place 1,000 animals in homes before the end of the year.  The fees vary from shelter to shelter but that means a pet can go home for about $40-65, and that includes spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, and microchipping.  For the price of a nice meal you can give a homeless animal the beginning of a new and wonderful life.

The shelter I volunteer at has been crazy-busy the last few weekends as people come to look for the pet that is the right match for their family.  We've done over 125 adoptions since the beginning of the month! I am so glad to see some of my furry friends going to a new home where they will be cared for and loved 24/7.

We have just 11 days until Christmas, and 18 days until the end of the year.  I'm not sure how many adoptions the other shelters have had, but I'm hoping we can meet our goal of 1,000 animals in their forever Home for the Holidays.

02 December 2010

Remembering the ones who weren't adopted

It's fantastic that the shelter is adopting out so many animals lately and everyone rightfully celebrates with a big "whoohoo" when they announce the adoption total at the end of the day.

But for me, there have been a few who didn't get adopted who are difficult to forget. In their memory I dedicate this page:

A great week at the shelter

The shelter has been very busy with people coming in to adopt animals who will be going "home for the holidays".  I was very happy to see five of the cats I mentioned a couple days ago get adopted. Twiskers and Aurora are both fantastic kittens and I hope they thrive in their new homes. Josephine the calico fluff-kitten was adopted, as was Aslan the giant fluff-ball-lover.  It was funny to watch that big fluff lay on his back and get his tummy rubbed by his new family. Butternutt, the boy who slept through "Black Friday" went to a rescue group who will work to find him a new home.

On another good note, my big buddy Alberto was neutered this week and was moved from his single-cat cage into a multi-cat habitat room.  He took to his new digs quite well and settled in with a few other big boys and a calico girl who had her severely burned tail amputated by the shelter vet.

All in all, a Fantastic week at the shelter and for the many cats and dogs who were adopted.