26 November 2010

Black Friday at the Animal Shelter

"Black Friday" means a shopping frenzy to many people. To me, it meant spending time at the animal shelter with my black, white, gray, cream, orange, and calico friends. Here are some of the crowd I socialized with at the shelter today.

Two of my favorites, Twiskers and Aurora were very happy to get some attention. Aurora Twiskers is as sweet as they come. A quiet, affectionate boy who enjoys being cuddled. Aurora has the cutest round face you can imagine. She's still learning how big the world is, but was very calm when I held her up near the window and let her see the staff who were cleaning the loudly woofing dog kennels.

LindyJosephineLindy and Josephine were glad to get a few moments away from each other. Kittens can be so trying, expecially when you're cooped up with one 24/7! Lindy was glad to have time to run around the room, chase some toys, and get a good stretch. Josephine is still a little shy, but she's coming out of her shell. And it's a beautiful, fluffy shell. She must have 2 inches of fur coving her little kitten body! Since they're together in the same cage, Lindy must be Josephine's mom, and I'm just trying to imagine what dad looked like for gray, short-haired Lindy to create such a colorful fluffball of a kitten.

RenoirRenoir was the Black Cat for Black Friday.  There are always plenty of black cats at the shelter because their adoption rate is lower than other cats. Superstition, no cute markings, whatever the reason, it seams odd to those of us who love cats and appreciate them for their unique personality that anyone would overlook or decide against a cat just because it's black.  Renoir got some good lovin' today, and some extra quiet time while Alberto had a turn out of his cage.


Oh, Alberto. You big, affectionate, vocal boy. You're not a little kitten any more and you're growing into a handsome young man. I know you wish you could have all the attention instead of having to share the volunteers with the other kitties, but you just go ahead and meow and tell us your story!  Then come out of your cage and give us your loving head bumps and body rubs. You're so handsome and loving I know you'll find a home. We need a better photo of you because your gold eyes are stunning. You just need to catch the eye of the right visitor so they can see what a wonderful boy you are.

Then there were the big kids in the multi-cat habatat room. 

SiskiyouAslanSiskiyou is just the sweetest and most handsome lover boy you can imagine. He enjoys getting his head petted and he lifts it up against your hand to be sure you know how much he appreciates the attention.  The big fluff cream tabby Aslan tried to keep nosing in on all the petting. He's so gorgeous and friendly it's hard to give him a little nudge away so the other cats can get some attention. I guess this was my Black Friday "pushy customer" and it was my pleasure to be pushed by this big ball of fur.

ButternuttAnd then there was Butternutt. Like many of us, Black Friday meant nothing to him.  He was content to stay curled up in his favorite sleeping spot.

I know I got the best deals this Black Friday. For just the cost of my time, I received love, affection, and the appreciation of animals who are patiently waiting for their forever home.

Remember your local shelter this holiday season, whether it's to adopt, volunteer, or donate.

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