04 October 2010

The turmoil is behind us

Sammi and RavenIt's been a tumultuous couple of months here at the Indulged Furries' home with Mozart's coming and going, but we're back on track now. Raven has returned to her usual playful, quiet, "anywhere is a good place for nap" personality. My sensitive little girl is still a bit over-reactive to sounds, but I'm confident that will stop in a few more weeks.  It's comforting to see her doing all her normal behaviors: playing with her toys, chasing her dad around the bedroom, and collapsing in the middle of the floor for a nap.

Sammi is also doing well. Several months ago her vet noticed a piece of root remaining in her gum from broken tooth. Since we were trying to get her bowel disease under control, the tooth had to wait until her overall condition impoved. Now that her bowel disease is better and she's at a healthier weight, we took her in to have that tooth taken care of. The vet decided it wasn't so bad that we had to deal with it right now, and he wasn't eager to put her under anesthesia just for this. The plan is to watch and wait until it starts bothering her or until she needs her teeth cleaned again.  The anti-inflammatory medication she gets for her bowel disease may be helping keep that area of her gum less inflamed, so maybe it will be a while until we have to deal with it.

I haven't forgotten about our almost-brother Mozart.  I visited him a few times in the shelter and after 2-1/2 weeks a rescue group took him and two other cats. So, he's out of the shelter, safe, and probably happier than he was here - frustrated at being unable to play with Sammi or even meet Raven. The vet agreed with me that he and Raven were probably giving each other kitty signals that made Raven afraid. I'll never know what the issue was, but I now know that Raven needs to be feel safe in her two-kitty-only home.

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