11 October 2010

Pizza, really?

PizzaI can understand Sammi liking buttery mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, chicken, and turkey. Those are all foods you'd expect a cat to enjoy and even beg for. But pizza? I made pizza for dinner tonight and as we sat down to eat, Sammi came over and started licking her lips and put her front paw up on the coffee table to get a better look at our meal. Then she sat next to me on the couch and started nosing towards my plate trying to get a better look & smell - and hopefully a bite. At least she didn't start drooling!

Because she takes medication to control her bowel disease, we're always extremely cautious about feeding Sammi anything other than one particular brand of grain-free food. It's a special treat for her to get a few pieces of a different brand of grain-free dry food, or a few pea-sized pieces of cooked chicken or turkey when I cook that for our dinner.

Tonight she was persistent about trying to get a taste of our pizza. One of my previous cats, Felix, enjoyed eating tiny bits of salty feta cheese. He also loved the smell of black olives. He would roll on one like it was catnip, but he never ate it. I figured one of the two smells was enticing Sammi, so I offered her a tiny piece of feta. Of course she loved it. Then her dad offered her a tiny piece of black olive. I didn't think she'd eat it, but she gobbled it down it and wanted more. The only other topping was turkey pepperoni and we weren't going to let her try that. Of course she couldn't have the grain-filled crust, so she was out of luck. She was disappointed to not get any more pizza toppings, but seemed content when I let her have 3 pieces of "treat" kibble.  We couldn't let our little princess think we were teasing her with food.

I know, we're softies. But Sammi already lost a leg,  takes daily medication and rarely gets food treats. So, we give her a little indulgence every now and then.  After all, we must live up to the name "Indulged Furries.

As always, Sammi's sister Raven slept through the dinner adventure.  Raven eats different brands of grain-free cat food as her treats, and has no interest in cat "treats" or even human food. Either that or she just doesn't like my cooking!

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