18 October 2010

Caught in the act - twice!

Naughty CardRaven got the second punch on her Naughty Kitty card this weekend. Her dad caught her holding onto the passener-side window frame of the car, scrambling to climb up. Unfortunately, that means she put scratches in the side of her daddy's car! Having his car turned into an expensive cat perch was an adjustment that was not easy for dad to make.  But being indulged means the cats almost always get their way - as long as nothing gets damaged and they're not on their allergic dad's half of the bed.

Raven's saving grace for having put scratches in the car is that the car is 8 years old, and the scratches appear to be on the very surface and can be buffed out. But nevertheless, Raven got her ticket punched. Luckily, she didn't hurt her paws as she desperately tried to cling onto the window frame.

It was a "naughty" weekend all around. Maybe Raven felt a little daring since it was her birthday (October 16). Her other brazen act was to walk across the kitchen counter while I was cooking dinner. We always discourage the cats from being on the counters, but they are forbidden from being on them when I'm cooking. They're not even allowed in the kitchen because I don't think it's safe to have them under foot. But Sunday, Raven decided to strut her stuff across the counter, right in front of me as I prepared dinner! She got a "Naughty kitty!" and a nudge in the right direction (the floor). Like the misadventure with the car, only her pride was wounded.

We did end the weekend on a good note. Lots of snuggles and everyone cuddled in bed together.

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