24 September 2010

Kitty updates

RavenRaven here. It's been 1 week since Mozart left us. Mom is still upset that she could not keep him and fulfill her desire to have a 3-cat home, but she knows it's best for all of us (me, Sammi, and Mozart) that he went back to the shelter to wait for a home that is better suited to him.

I'm a playful girl, but that big orange & white thing terrified me. I spent as much time as I could hiding in the garage, even though he was closed up on the bedroom side of the house. The problem was that he was desperate to come play with me and Sammi, and we were not interested in playing with him. Sammi doesn't even let me get cozy with her, so she certainly wasn't going to let a big, young boy get in her face.  He was very respectful of her warning hisses, but being a playful boy, he just kept trying to approach and play with her.  Sammi was getting annoyed, and started taking out her frustrations by being snippy with me!

Mom thought Mozart and I would be good playmates, but she was wrong. I like my quiet home and I don't want to play with anyone but Sammi.  We have our games all worked out and I know all the rules about how to play gently with my 3-legged sister. 

Mom still doesn't know what it was, but Mozart scared the dickens out of me and I didn't want to even look at him through a baby gate.  It certainly didn't reassure me that he meowed and banged on the door to get onto our side of the house, even when mom was spending the evenings with him on his side of the house. He even learned to put his big, strong paw under the door and pull it open and get onto our side!  We think he's more interested in being with other kitties than being with people, and we girls don't want a rambunctous boy bothering us all the time.

After Mozart left, it took me 4 days to stop being scared and start acting normally again.  I still like to visit the garage, but I'm not hiding out there any more. I'm back to playing in the hallway, watching mom get ready for work in the morning, and sleeping in my favorite window during the day - free of fear that that big orange & white boy will escape from his side of the house and come get me.  Last night I got scared when I thought I heard something coming into my room, but it turned out to be nothing and mom gave me a good cuddle to calm me down.  

Mom went to check on Mozart in the shelter a couple days ago.  He's in a multi-cat room and even though he was upset to have his world turned upside-down, he did seem very happy to be with two other boys who were eager to play with him. Mom spent 2 hours with him and took him lots of toys.

Mom was certain that Mozart would be a good kitty for our family and that he was meant to be ours. But his personality at home was very different from what it was at the shelter (over 7 days of visits).  But my very stressed and fearful reaction to Mozart has convinced mom that it will be just Sammi and me from now on. We're happy, and that's what's most important. Maybe mom's role in Mozart's life was to get him out the shelter for some good vet care and get him started on journey to finding his perfect home.

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