26 July 2010

Sammi enjoys the backyard

Sammi outside
Sammi relaxing outside
Sammi continues to build her confidence and explore new horizons. We've taken her outside 3 or 4 times, but she's never been completely comfortable. On the last trip she was calm but just layed in the grass and didn't walk around much. We'd pick her up and carry her to a new spot, where she'd sniff a bit, then lay down. But today, Sammi did not like being left in the house while I took Raven out for some outdoor time. Sammi meowed very loudly in protest, and was not happy that her sister was outside and she was stuck behind the screen door. So her dad put her harness on her and brought her outside. It took her a minute to get used to the feeling of the harness, but she quickly figured out it wasn't in her way and she started walking around and exploring. Our yard is about 80 feet (25m) wide and she explored most of it. Her dad followed her around, always being close enough to pick her up in case she got nervous or tired. We use a lightweight 8-foot long leash to attach to the harness. This gives the cats enough room to walk around, but they can't get so far away that they can get into trouble or jump up the fence. Sammi decided to settle into the plants for a little hiding and enjoying the fresh air in a nice cool shady spot. She was very relaxed and we could tell she was enjoying herself. We were happy to see Sammi feeling confident, exploring the outside, and expanding her world a little bit. This is just one more step in her 3-legged adventure.

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  1. Tasha & TT4:52 AM

    Sammi~ you look so happy outside!

    xoxoxo Tasha & TT