19 July 2010

Raven's Ticket Gets Punched

Raven's Naughty Punchcard

Raven got her Naughty Kitty ticket punched today. She earned her Naughty Kitty ID card about a year ago when she climbed to the top of a bookcase and knocked a glass thermometer off the shelf. She wasn't hurt, but left a mess to clean up.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="176" caption="Speaker with scratch marks (click to enlarge)"]Speaker[/caption]

Today, the first of her 10-punch ticket was punched. She was caught in the act of taking a vigorous scratch at her dad's stereo speakers. We know she enjoys scratching the speakers and we tried to make them less appealing by putting double-sided adhesive tape on them. Today, not only was she scratching alongside the tape, she had pulled one piece loose and was licking it!

We thought she liked the upright stretching and scratching motion  so we made a carpeted scratching board that leans against the wall just opposite the speakers. We even play there to encourage scratching. But despite having plenty of "approved" scratching areas, it's obivous she's been visiting the speakers quite often while we're not home to catch her. Not only has she been visiting them, apparently she's taught Sammi that the speakers are fun to scratch. As I was looking at the damage, Sammi came over and reached her one front leg up on the speaker and took a good stretch.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="176" caption="Carpeted Scratching Board"]Scratching Board[/caption]

I'm not sure how we're going to discourage scratching at the speakers since it's obviously become a habit. It's not in the photo, but the left side of the speaker is just as scratched as the front. The cats have usually been very good about learning where to scratch by our saying "no" when they're being naughty and taking them over to an approved scratching area for some scratching and play. But the speakers must be too tempting with their tall, vertical surface with cloth that lets them sink their claws in.

I know two kitties who will be getting their claws trimmed tonight to try to limit the damage to the speakers - which they know they can scratch when we're not home.

Raven has many years of curious-kitty playfulness ahead and I hope her 10-punch ticket will be enough. If not, we'll have to find a 20-punch Naughty Kitty ID Card.

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  1. Tasha & TT5:36 AM

    We are stopping by from Catster to visit you guys! We miss you!! We just read up on everything you have been up to ;)

    xoxoxo Tasha & TT