03 July 2010

4th of July Name Game

We're joining in the fun and playing Frankie's Name Game, sharing how we got our names.

We adopted Sammi (left) and Raven (right) from a local SPCA. Sammi was named Samantha. She was 10 years old and responded to her name, so we didn't think it fair to change it. Her life was already in chaos having been recently surrendered to the SPCA to have her paw amputated. We decided it was best to keep her name and just use the fun version "Sammi".

Raven was named Bella. That name did not suit her at all and she didn't seem to respond to it, so we didn't have any concerns about changing it. She has beautiful medium-length, feathery black fur, so we named her Raven. Her new name fits her to a tee, and we can call her "Ravies" for fun.

Since we found this game on a doggy blog hop page and it's for the 4th of July, we thought it fitting to include our Golden Retriever Bentley and one of his handsome 4th of July photos. This photo was taken in July 2009, just before he passed away in August, 4 days after his 17th (yes 17th) birthday.

Well now I'll feel bad if I don't at least mention everyone else. The three former Indulged Felines were Felix (the wonderful cat), Smokey (solid gray), and Edward Lionheart (a big goof with a big heart). The three Indulged Hamsters were Gizmo, Rusty, and Zippy. Gizmo and Rusty were just cute names. Zippy zipped around his hamster cage. You can click on those links to see their cute little faces.

This badge was made by Sugar the Golden Retriever.

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