05 June 2010

Outdoor fun

The kitties had a little outdoor adventure today. Even though you can't see it, Raven wore her harness and did pretty well considering she's still getting accustomed to it. She doesn't understand that Mom can't keep up when she speeds off after a grasshopper or a moth and the end result is a rather abrupt end to her chase. She also hasn't learned that when I gently pull on the harness, that's meant to guide her in a particular direction. No, it's much easier if mom crawls behind the bushes so the leash doesn't get tangled up! Lucky for Raven, I'm not too bothered by all the little spider webs I have to clear away on our little outdoor adventures.

To our surprise, Sammi also wanted to come outside. On her previous outings she did not enjoy the great outdoors. Maybe she wasn't outside in her first home, or maybe outside is where her leg was injured. We'll never know, but today, she seemed to really enjoy being out, sniffing the grass, and just relaxing. If she continues to enjoy it, I'll have to figure out how to make or modify a harness for her so she can walk around on her own yet still be safely guided around the back yard.


  1. What a nice mom to take you kitties outside. We are very lucky and our Mom just lets us go out because there are way too many of us to stay in the house. You sure are two pretty kitties. Nice to meet you.

  2. I don't much like my harness, but I put up with it so's I can go outside, too.