26 June 2010

Inspiring - cat hind leg & paw implants.

This is so inspiring I have to share. This photo was taken by Jim Incledon.

Oscar was run over by farm equipment and his hind paws were amputated. Vets put little peg implants in his remaining leg bone. Later, "paws" were attached so he could walk. Not only could he walk, he tried to climb the first day he had his new paws!

There's a great video on BBC news showing Oscar walking on his new paw "attachments" very shortly after waking up from sedation. The bone implants had been done earlier and already healed but it's amazing how quickly he was able to walk on his new feet. What's also uplifting is the obvious joy shown by the surgeon.  There's an article on CatChannel with more photos.

The medical progress being made with animals is amazing. I've seen photos of a parrot and a cow with prosthetic legs. Now a cat. It's not a financial option for 99.9 percent of owners, and I'm sure it's not medically possible for many animals. Maybe someday it will be a realistic option for more owners whose pets would benefit from prosthetics.

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