20 June 2010

Happy Father's Day

Today is Fathers Day and we wanted to show the present we got our daddy. Well, not the present, but the decorations we chose. We supervised as mom added lots of curling ribbon to the package. We wanted the ribbon long enough to reach from the top of our tallest cat tree all the way to the floor. That's 70 inches of ribbon for us to play with. Playing with ribbon is a treat because we're only allowed to do it when mom or dad supervises. It's fun to make mom drag the ribbon around the house while I chase it. Sometimes I cheat and lay on the ribbon so mom can't pull it. But she gets excited by tugging at the ribbon and I can feel it slipping out from under my body. When it's free, she runs around the house again and I chase it.

Sammi doesn't play chase the ribbon because it's too hard for her to run very far. So mom wiggles the ribbon right in front of her and "helps" Sammi catch it with her one front paw.

Sammi and I watched our future toy as dad got ready to unwrap his present.

Here a a couple other photos of our Father's Day Celebration.

Daddy and I had a nice snuggle. 

Then he offered Sammi a choice of catnip cigars.

We're very lucky to have a dad who loves us so much.


Then Dad went to play golf so mom played with us and our new toy. Sammi and I managed to play nicely together. Really long curly ribbon means we can sit a few feet apart and not annoy each other too much.

Whew, all that playing has left me exhausted. Time for a nap on my comfy couch.

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