14 June 2010

Cat Tree Dinner Service

Sammi gets daily medication in a bit of canned food, so part of our dinner-time routine is to get their canned food and dinner plates out. If Raven isn't already in the kitchen reminding us it's mealtime, the clank of the plates or the vacuum pop of the can is the "dinner bell" that brings them into the kitchen. Last night, Sammi was eager as usual to get her daily treat of a tablespoon of canned food. But Raven was snoozy and slept through dinnertime. Not wanting Raven to feel neglected, I provided 9:30 pm dinner service at her cat tree. After being  awoken by gentle petting and the wafting aroma of Chicken & Fish canned food, she eagerly enjoyed her evening snack. Energy renewed, she joined the family for a few hours before retiring to bed for the evening. Oh, the life of a Indulged Feline.

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