02 June 2010

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

Have I mentioned I like getting into boxes?

It doesn't matter if I fit in all the way.

You could have left just one for me. 

Isn't the waterfall effect of my tail beautiful?

Excuse me, this one isn't empty yet!

Dad, thanks for putting my name on my box.


  1. Found you via Blog Hop Saturday. Adorable pics! Come visit us sometime at FIDO Friendly magazine, we love all animals!

  2. found you on blog hop! Great pictures! You're a born entertainer.
    Julie, Linc, Parker and Bennie
    from Bark Of Love

  3. Raven - you has some GREAT boxes there!! I'm tellin my mommy to start writing my names on mine too!! And thanks for the tip on the fountain - I think me and Toes will love one - the other 2 kitties might still prefer the water bowl tho.

    p.s. we lurves ur floofy tail too!!!

    --Conway from theCatHerd