21 June 2010

A blast of cold air is never a good thing.

I spend most afternoons here in my favorite window seat watching the goings-on in the 'hood. The neighbor across the street is particulary interesting to watch as he does his gardening. I spend many a morning, afternoon, and evening here and occasionally let Raven borrow my spot and soak up some afternoon sun.

In winter, my window seat is a fantastic location for a nap because there's a warm blast of air that comes up from the heater vent to keep me toasty warm.

I wrote earlier that having only 3 legs made it hard for me to jump down, so mom and dad added an upside-down wicker basket with a wooden base for me to use as a step.

Everything was perfect until summer arrived and the air conditioner came on. I was getting a very COLD blast air up my window seat. No kitty wants to sit in a blast of cold air, especially since the idea is to sit in a warm, sunny window.

Something had to be done.
Mom and dad improvised another indulgence for me. They found a box that fit perfectly over the  vent and after cutting big holes in the sides to redirect the air, it became the perfect way to stop the blast of cold air from coming up my backside.

Heres a picture of the new set-up. The vent cover is behind my stepping-box. Now I stay warm and cozy in my window seat and have an easy and safe way to get up and down.

Mom and dad always find creative ways to make our lives comfortable. 

I'm glad I adopted them!

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