25 April 2010

Zoom Groom Times Two

Sammi loves her ZoomGroom kitty massage. Today, we ended up with a 1/4 inch thick coating of fur from the Zoom-Groom, plus a tennis ball-sized pile of loose fur. If you're wondering what looks odd in this photo, remember, Sammi has only 1 front leg.

Raven doesn't crave the ZoomGroom like Sammi, but she got a decent grooming with it today and shed a "shadow". Maybe she won't wake us up in the wee hours of the morning hacking up a furball.

09 April 2010

Sammi's health and Pill Pockets

My chronic diarrhea persists, despite trying a variety of foods, so off to the vet I went for checkup. Tests showed I have some pesky Clostridia perfringes bacteria in my intestines, so I have to take antibiotics twice a day to try to get rid of them.

Saying this pill tastes awful does not adequately describe how it permeates your mouth with bitterness that lasts for several minutes. The horrible taste combined with the fact that I loathe being restrained and having a pill shoved down my throat makes this process torturous for everyone. I writhe and crane my head around so it makes it nearly impossible for mom to get the pill in my tiny mouth. Even when she gets it way back on my tongue, half the time I manage to gag it out and she has to try again. By that time the pill is starting to dissolve, and the whole process goes downhill from there. Also, I don't mean to inflict any damage, but my one upper fang is sharp and has scratched mom's finger several times.

She's tried coating it in butter, cheese, mashed potatoes, and canned food, but I find the nasty little bit of pill and spit it out!

Trying to find some way to make taking medication twice daily less stressful, she bought some Greenies Pill Pockets, and the process has become a pleasure. I LOVE the salmon flavor! The pill pocket is a very moist, soft "cup" that you put the pill in, then pinch to seal up. My pill is tiny, so mom can put my pill inside, seal it up, then take a sharp knife and trim all around the pill pocket to make it about 2/3 the original size. This makes it a little smaller so I'm not quite as tempted to bite it. She balls up the trimmed off pieces and gives them to me as a treat to get my treat radar going, then gives me the part with the pill in it. So far it's worked and I haven't discovered the pill. Mom fears that once I bite into the pill pocket and discover the nasty pill it's hiding, it's all over for this method. But then she has one more trick up her sleeve - switching to the Chicken flavored Pill Pockets!

I may be on this medication for several weeks, so we all hope the Pill Pockets work for a long time.

02 April 2010

Remembering Felix

I can't let today go by without remembering Felix, the founding kitty of the Indulged Furry family.

Who could have imagined that your coming into my life would change it in so many ways. I came to adore and admire cats, learned about so many kitty health issues, became friends with people I never would have known, experienced joys and sorrows of all the kitties' lives, shared your love with your dad, and changed in ways that I probably haven't even realized yet.

Fourteen years of love.
You are forever a part of my soul.
4-2-94 ~ 11-2-08