27 March 2010

Our experience with Feline Pine scoopable litter.

I gave it a three week trial and decided it wasn't for us. Here's what I found.

The litter has several good features. It is lightweight, which is convenient for carrying the box home. It's eco-friendly, non-toxic, and long-lasting. One cat used about 1/2 the box over 3 weeks.

Unfortunately, there are many shortcomings that didn't work for us.

The litter is so lightweight that both my cats tipped a litter box over when they stepped on the rim of the box. Granted, Raven is a 12 pound kitty who stands on the rim of the box so she doesn't have to dirty her paws after pottying and she will obviously be able to tip a light litterbox. But Sammi is only 7 pounds so she's quite dainty and shouldn't be able to tip over a litter box very easily. She's also a 3-legged cat who needs easy access to a litter box so we can't have a covered box. We figured out a fix to prevent tipping, but it's not ideal to have to figure out a way to keep the litter box from tipping over with normal every-day use.

The rough-edged pine shavings get caught in fur. I was especially concerned to see pieces of litter stuck in the fur near my cat's eyes.

This litter tracks everywhere! Because it's lightweight and rough-edged, it gets tracked all over the house. Of all the litters I've tried, this one is the worst in terms of tracking.

It's good, but not great, at forming clumps. You have to wait a while for a firm clump to form after kitty pees, and even then, it's not a hard clump and you have to be gentle when scooping and sifting the clump from the loose litter.

Unfortunately, the situations where I see this litter being useful are limited. Maybe a very short-haired cat wouldn't get much litter stuck in it's fur. The cat can't step on the edge of the litterbox, or the litter pan would have to have a cover or be inside some type of frame that prevented it from tipping over. You'll still get a lot of tracking, and I don't know many cat owners who want to have cat litter tracked everywhere.

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