27 March 2010

I'm a mess but they still love me.

I've been in the Indulged Furry home for a little over a year now and my caretakers have come to realize that I'm going to be a high-maintenance kitty. This isn't a problem, just a little more serious then they thought when they adopted me. I was just one month out of the hospital from having my front paw amputated when they adopted me from the SPCA. But that didn't concern my new parents because they saw I was adapting well and they could accomodate my special needs.

Little did they know I also seem to have bad teeth and a probable case of inflammatory bowel disease. I was missing a top fang when they adopted me, and a recent dental cleaning showed I was missing a few more teeth and lost a little front tooth during the cleaning. At last week's checkup I now appear to have a broken root poking through my gum, so that has to be removed pretty soon.

We've also started testing me for inflammatory bowel disease. I've had off-and-on diarrhea since I was adopted and none of the foods I've tried have solved the problem. I haven't really apreciated having the fur on my backside trimmed, especially with the electric trimmer! Yikes, nothing should be vibrating back there! I've come to expect having my bottom wiped with baby wipes every time I go potty. It's not the most dignified activity for a kitty, but I do get cleaned and my parents get to keep their house free from a dirty bottom wandering around.

We're waiting on lab tests before we start medicine to get my mushy poop under control. Hopefully that will also help clear up the irritated skin on my paw, my gunky claws, my waxy ears, and my goopy eyes. My vet thinks all these things are related to my system being inflammed.

So lets take inventory: one missing paw, several missing teeth, a broken tooth, irritated toes, goopy eyes & ears, and chronic/intermittent diarrhea. I sound like a bit of a mess!

Luckily all these little shortcomings are outweighed by my finer qualities: I have a sweet, quiet, spunky personality; I like getting petted as long as I don't have to sit on a lap; and I love sleeping under the covers with my mom! I'm glad I found a family that is willing to do whatever they can to make my life wonderful.

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