14 September 2009

Zoom Groom to the rescue?

After getting baths, you'd think the cats would be consuming less fur while grooming themselves. But no! Apparently their baths were the trigger they needed to groom themselves silly and get furballs. At 6am Sammi woke me up as she sat at the foot of the bed and gave a funny meow. Felix had a distinctive "I'm going to puke" meow, so I knew what this likely meant. Not wanting to have a barf-laden bed, I grabbed her and put her on the floor. Seconds later, up came a Huge furball. After cleaning it up and going back to bed, not more than 3 mintues later I hear Raven wretching in the hallway. So I go, hurrying to the hall to try to scoot her off the rug and onto the wood floor. Up comes a little furball. But at least it was on the wood floor and easy to clean. Back to bed I go, hoping to get another hour sleep.

Obviously both Sammi and Raven need more brushing or a different de-furring technique. I groom them daily with a natural-bristle brush or metal comb, but every month or so they hack up a furball. And more often than not, it's an abrupt wake-up call between 1 and 6 am!

I've been reading about the Furminator de-shedding tool. My neighbor has one and I used it a bit on her cat. It removed a lot of fur, but I don't plan on using it on my cats. I just can't believe that it isn't damaging the coat. Everything I've read claims it only removes the loose undercoat, but I've also read and talked to people who say to use it only once a week or so. My logic tells me that if it's only removing loose fur, it shouldn't be a problem to use it all the time, so why are they hesitant to use it more often? I suspect you'd end up with a pet with a very thin or damaged coat if you used it more than occasionally.

I read several positive reviews about the Zoom Groom and decided to give it a try. It's a rubber grooming tool with massaging fingers that lift out loose fur. It comes in many colors, but ours is purple - the color of Indulgence! It's affordably priced at $7-8 at the local pet stores.

I've described our experience with it and give more pictures here: It works very well to remove loose fur, and hopefully it will help prevent some of the early morning furball wake up calls. Only time will tell.

12 September 2009

Our first Indulged Feline baths

We're lucky to have made it this long in the Indulged Furry home without getting a bath, especially since we were housed in a multi-cat room at the SPCA. But the day finally came when mom decided it was time for us to get deep-down clean.

Sammi was the first "volunteer", and it took two of us to bathe her because with only three legs, she's very hard to hold on to. It's amazing how much extra "grip" you get on a cat when there's another front paw! She's difficult to hold when she's dry and I didn't want to try to hold on to a slippery kitty by myself, so dad helped bathe "his" girl. Sammi did amazingly well with her first bath. Maybe she's been bathed before, but she didn't squirm too much and didn't even meow. We were in and out of the shower in less than 5 minutes. After a good towel dry, she sat in her perch in a sunny window and calmly groomed herself while she dried.

Raven's turn was next, and being awoken from a nap to be deposited in the shower was not what she expected. Since she had quite a bit of dander (or maybe it's just highly visible against her black fur) she got a thorough bathing with a little extra shampoo time and extra rinsing. She meowed a few times, and looked a bit dazed, but was very accepting of her bath. She was not as happy as Sammi to endure the drying process, and chased her wet tail in circles a few times as if something was attacking her. Having a much denser coat than Sammi, it took her a little longer to dry, but she survived.

I admit I'm pretty good at giving cat baths. Everyone claims it's an ordeal, but I've never had any problems giving my cats a bath. I think preparation, calmness, and efficiency are the keys and in about 5 minutes kitty is bathed and wrapped in a towel for drying off. My cat bathing technique is described Now that they know what the shower is really for, I'll have to wait and see if their second bath goes as smoothly as the first.

11 September 2009

We have birthdates!

SammiRavenHow can an Indulged Feline properly celebrate her birthday without a date? We joined the Indulged Furry house on December 5, 2008 but since we were adopted from the SPCA our birthdates were unknown. The waiting is over and we're excited to announce that we have official Indulged Furry Birthdates.

It is hearby declared that

Sammi's birthday is January 24.

Raven's birthday is October 16.

We can't wait to see what we get for our first Indulged Feline birthdays.