08 August 2009

Bentley's 17th Birthday

We never expected him to reach 17 years old, but Bentley has astounded all of us with his continuing good health and liveliness.

Of course we continued the tradition started last year and made him a doggy-edible birthday cake. We know it's silly, but its a way for us to celebrate what a wonderful dog he is and what joy he brings to our life. And if my sharing our unabashed devotion to our pets' health and happiness inspires someone else to do something fun and interesting with their pet, that's another benefit!

Bentley's doggy-edible cake is made of mashed potatoes and decorated mostly with his dry dog food. Since he eats mashed potatoes and kibble for every meal, this treat is safe for him (and vet approved).
The orange decoration on this cake is human-edible icing, but we did not allow Bentley to eat any of that.

Bentley thoroughly enjoyed eating a hunk of his birthday cake, and we enjoyed providing him with the excitement of a novel treat. He's rarely fed anything outside of his food bowl, so he knows this is a special event!

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