24 August 2009

Raven earned her Naughty Kitty badge.

Raven is an early-morning kitty, often trying to wake us around 6am for playtime. Her arsenal of kitty wake-up tricks include: standing up on her hind legs with her front paws on the bed near her dad’s head, which despite the cuteness is a no-no due to his cat allergies; jumping up on the bed by our heads, or banging on the bi-fold closet doors to make a racket. Rolled up socks tossed at the banging kitty don’t deter her, she just ducks out of the way and continues her banging. She stops banging only when she’s put out of the bedroom – but then you had to get out of bed, chase her through the room, capture her (with snuggles of course), and put her out – which is all great kitty fun.

Sunday morning we decided to sleep in and ignore her invitations for play. Undeterred, Raven amused herself by investigating new heights, the aftermath of which was small-scale destruction and a lot of cleaning for us. When I heard the crash of glass breaking I went running. My first thought was that on her climb to the window, she knocked the empty 5-gallon fish tank off the desk. But when I saw the glass and liquid on the floor I instantly knew where she had been. After 8 months of living in her new home, she decided it was time to conquer the tallest bookcase in the office. She had gotten on top of the bookcase and knocked over a Galilean Thermometer. These are glass thermometers filled with oily liquid and floating things that show the temperature.

I had two simultaneous thoughts: is she ok, and did anything in dad’s office get damaged. I grabbed her and checked her paws for glass, and they were ok. After locking her and her sister Sammi in a bedroom, I assessed the damage and started cleaning.

The Kitty Gods were watching over her because: 1) she was safe and 2) the thermometer fell straight forward spewing oil and glass mostly on the wood floor and missing everything that would have been damaged or impossible to clean.

Oddly, she found the only glass decoration in the house. We don’t even leave drinking glasses standing in the sink overnight because I fear the cats will tip and break them.

When Raven wants to play, even at 6am, it’s probably a good idea to indulge her.

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