28 August 2009

Fur Control

Fur control is serious business in the Indulged Furries' home. We love our pets, but it comes with the never-ending battle to control fur. This is especially important since the Indulged Furries' dad is allergic to cats! I purchased the Scotch Fur Fighter a while ago and have been using it to clean the carpeted cat perches. It does an excellent job and it's a product I will continue to use. I have the "car interior" version (I didn't realize there were different versions when I bought it). It's about 1-1/2 times the size of a computer mouse with stiff rubber fur-loosening teeth on a fat end and a sheet of microgripper teeth that wraps around a tapered end and onto the bottom. The rubber teeth do an excellent job at loosening and gathering the majority of fur from the perches. After using the rubber teeth, I switch to the microgripper paper and that does a very good job at snagging up the remaining fur. If there's a generous coating of fur in the gripper teeth, it can be pulled off several times before you need to replace the sheet. The tapered end works well for getting in the crevices of the perches. After cleaning up as much fur as possible with the Fur Fighter, I run a sticky-tape lint roller all over the perches to remove the few remaining hairs and the lint.

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