03 August 2009

The Dynamic Duo

A few months ago, mom thought it would be good for me to have a kitty sibling closer to my age and agility to play with. I’m 4 years old and Sammi is 10, and with only 3 legs she’s can’t play as long & hard as I can. Well, they adopted Cricket, but I let my displeasure of having to share my territory be known! After a week of hissing at her through the door and showing no tolerance of her whatsoever, mom started to rethink her decision. She thought she’d give it a month, and even bought kitty “be happy” pheromones (Feliway Comfort Zone) so we might all relax and live happily ever after. But Cricket wrote herself a ticket back to the SPCA after she tried to attack our doggy brother Bentley - a completely mellow kitty-loving Golden Retriever. In Cricket’s defense, her shortened/kinky tail may have been the result of a dog attack and she learned to be terrified of them. But I really didn’t care, my will was carried out and the kitty intruder was gone. I have mom convinced that I knew Cricket was a threat to Bentley, and that’s why I didn’t like her. Mom always gives me the benefit of the doubt, and I use that to my advantage. If there was any lingering doubt in her mind about my desire to live in a two-kitty home, I think I’ve finally convinced her. Last Saturday she went to the animal shelter to renew my license only to discover they were holding Kitty Palooza – a cat adoption event. They had oodles of kittens and cats that needed homes and of course mom being a kitty-loving softy was compelled to look at them. She thought maybe I’d be accepting of kittens instead of an adult cat. She even dragged dad back to Kitty Palooza on Sunday to look at kittens, and they were seriously considering adopting two cute & cuddly kittens. They also thought about adopting a 12-year old cat that had been surrendered by its owners because they could not afford a pet deposit on an apartment. Mom was heartbroken about that 12 year old cat, but suspected I would hate it. And I completely sympathize with that cat and it’s need for a loving home because I was surrendered by my owners who lost their home and couldn’t take me to their new apartment. But the suspicion that I will not tolerate another cat is engrained in mom’s mind, so they decided against adopting anyone and just made a donation instead.

Sammi and I are the Dynamic Duo and we’ve worked out who sleeps where, who ambushes who, and all the other kitty dynamics of our home. Mom is disappointed with my intolerance for other cats because we could provide a home for one or two more. And even though mom has finally acquiesced to my Dynamic Duo plan, she did give me a little talking-to and reminded me how fortunate I am to be living here. I acknowledged my gratitude by hacking up a gigantic furball. She really should comb me more often.

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