05 August 2009

Bentley's 17th Birthday Bash Begins

Bentley is on DoggySpace and has one special doggy friend that he "barks" with. His name is Boomer and when Boomer learned that Bentley's 17th birthday was coming, he and his mom wanted to send Bentley a birthday card. We thought that was very thoughtful of them, and since Bentley has never received a birthday card from anyone but his closest family, we waited eagerly for the card to arrive.

Well, Boomer, his mom, and their other furries Darla and Violet didn't just send a card, they sent a whole box of gifts! We couldn't be more surprised at this since we only know them from DoggySpace. But pet parents are special people and Boomer and Bentley share a special bond. They are both Senior Goldens who have had some health problem and are dearly loved and care for by their owners. And their owners also enjoy celebrating other doggy's special events.

These are the cards and gifts Boomer and his family sent. There's two chew toys, a big tennis ball, some healthy treats, a decorated birthday cookie, and even a party hat! We've never seen the yellow dog with tennis ball toy before so that will be a fun one to play with. Boomer's mom and furry family sent one card, and Boomer sent his very own birthday wishes to Bentley. It all so much fun and excitement for an old guy like Bentley.

Here's a link to a slideshow of my birthday extravaganza. .
Too many toys all at once is overwhelming for my Senior Doggy brain so I'll add more photos as I get to play with more of my new toys.

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  1. boomersmom4:41 PM

    hi Bentley and Family-It's Boomer and family...I loved your pictures! Thank you, they put a smile on my face on such a difficult day. That was all Boomer's idea to send a birthday package. He picked the toys out so I we got one for you and one for him. I love you in your birthday hat you handsome guy you! Love your golden face. XOXOX