15 May 2009

Zippy Rules the Colosseum!

Zippy gets the least "web time". That's not because he's not Indulged, it's because he lives up to his full name - Zippy Munchkin. He's a dwarf hamster who packs a whollup of a bite. We adopted him from the SPCA and he's always be skittish and a bit of a biter. As he's aged, his vision may not be as good as it once was, and he has become more skittish and prone to biting. So, we give him treats throught the cage bars (to protect our fingers) and let him run around his 3-story cage to his heart's content. His favorite treats are dried banana chips and pumpkin seeds. Maybe tonight he'll get a sliver of strawberry.

11 May 2009

My 16-3/4 year old photo

This is my 16-3/4 year old photo. I don't want to brag, but I think I'm still a handsome boy! I had to go the vet this week, and he said I'm doing well, considering my age. He gave me another medicine to make sure I'm not in too much pain from my arthritic hips and was surprised to hear how active I was. He thought I'd be sleeping almost all the time and just getting up to eat and go potty. But I'm up all evening following my mom & dad around the house and sometimes I even go in the front yard and walk to the neighbor's house to visit the street lamp post and check out the "pee mail" left by all the other dogs in the neighborhood. I leave them a "pee mail" message so they know I'm still around. The vet said I may be the oldest Golden Retriever he knows and he was cautiously optimistic that I would celebrate my 17th birthday on August 8th. I don't know how mom is going to top the birthday cake I had for my 16th birthday, but I know she'll do something amazing.