03 April 2009

No chinchillas were harmed in this adventure.

For a couple years I've wanted to add a chinchilla to the Indulged Furry family. They are curious, active, friendly, and oh so soft! We finally decided to get one and brought it home to a large 3-story wire cage. Sammi and Bentley were not interested in the critter, but Raven loved it. Unfortunately she "loved" it in the "thanks for bringing home dinner for me to catch!" sense. She would not leave the chinchilla alone and started stalking it all around its cage. We were deeply concerned about the chinchilla's safety because it was curious and friendly and would stick it's nose throught the cage. Raven's hunting instincts were extremely strong and we quickly realized there was no way to ensure the chinchilla's safety. Raven was just waiting to get her paws on the little critter and a even a small scratch from a cat is very harmful to a chinchilla due to the bacteria on cat's claws. So, we decided to return the chinchilla and deprive Raven of her opportunity to stalk her dinner!

So, it was another learning experience for us. Raven has an extremely strong prey drive and even thought the resident hamster is of no interest to her, a large chinchilla that jumps around a cage is just too much to ignore. We will be a chinchilla-free home as long as Raven is here and she will have to settle for stalking her toys.

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