23 April 2009

Bentley survives the attempted cat attack

We had a little excitement here last week. Mom decided to adopt another cat from the SPCA, but the cat was afraid of me --- silly kitty, I love kitties and sleep with them --- and the new cat tried to attack me. I mean she really tried to get me - she hissed something awful and lunged up for my neck & head. Luckily I was on the other side of a screen door, so I didn't get hurt. To be honest, I wasn't even aware that the cat tried to attack me, but mom and dad were there and they were shocked by the unprovoked attempted attack. This was the second time the cat hissed and lunged at me, even after lots of through-the-door introductions. Mom & dad decided my safety and happiness were top priority, because I am almost 17 years old and who knows how much longer I'll be around. So they took the cat back to the SPCA and told them that the kitty had to be in a home without dogs. She was really sweet (except for the part about trying to attack me) so mom & dad hope she finds a really good home that doesn't have a dog. Now I get my house back and I am happy to share it with my two kitty sisters Sammi and Raven. See, I love kitties and I let my kitty-sister Raven rub all over my paw.

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