22 February 2009

The Second Generation of Indulged Felines

It's been a little over a month since Felix passed away, and we thought we would wait until Bentley was gone to begin another generation of pets. But for someone who's used to the activity of up to 3 cats in the house, it's been torturously quiet. So we took a trip to the local SPCA to visit one of the cats available for adoption. He turned out not to be a good match for us, but while we were in the "living room" visiting the adoptable cats, two cats adopted us!

Sammi is a 10- year old girl who took an immediate liking to her new "dad". She climbed down from a big perch and jumped on the back of the couch and walked back and forth in front of him for petting. She rubbed against him and nuzzled up for attention. It wasn't until I gave her a good looking-over that I realized she had only 3 legs. She had been surrendered to the SPCA because her front leg had been injured and the owner could not afford the veterinary care. Her paw had been amputated less than 1 month ago, but she was already climbing the perches like a 4-legged cat. Clearly she was spunky and resilient, so we decided even though she was 10 years old and 3-legged we could give her a great home and whatever care she needed.

In the meantime, Raven, a 4-year old girl, was trying to climb into my purse (which isn't quite big enough to hold a cat). She decided she would settle for curling up on my lap while I sat on the couch. She purred and fell asleep while we decided whether or not we wanted to adopt both of them. It turns out Raven (not her shelter name) had been surrendered due to her owner losing their home in the recent foreclosure mess.

But how could we not adopt them? They chose us as their new owners!

So, Sammi and Raven started the Second Generation of Indulged Furry Felines! And they are Indulged! They have all the beds, perches, toys, good food, playtime, a doggy friend, veterinary care, and love that a cat could ever want or need. Come spring we'll see if they can be trained to go outside on a harness.

They are both Gorgeous girls who have reestablished feline playfulness, love, and joy in our home.