30 November 2008

The end of an era.

Usually when one of the pets is ill I share information about their disease so others can learn or stay informed about what's going on. But with Felix's intestinal cancer it was too difficult to think about losing him and the era of Indulged Furry Felines coming to an end. So I decided to focus on spending time with him, taking care of his needs, and sharing information only with those who were helping me with his care and supporting us along this very difficult journey. Taking time away from him to write about the process didn't seem appropriate.
Felix has been gone for almost a month now, and it's still difficult at times. I tried writing his memorial page, but I just can't find the words to express what he meant to me. Words alone may never do him justice, and that's probably one of the best tributes I can give him. He changed the very nature of my soul, and that may be the best tribute I can ever give him.