20 April 2008

The most pricey and appreciated kitty poop ever

Felix can relax now...After 2-1/2 days in the hospital receiving i.v. fluids, x-rays, an emergency ultrasound, and multiple enemas, Felix produced the most expensive poop ever. And he didn't even produce it in his hospital cage so they'd have to clean up, he waited just 5 extra minutes until he was in the carrier on our way home to do it. Great Timing! My poor kitty gave the most pitiful, loud meow I've ever heard, followed by the Swooosh of a productive bowel movement. Never before have I been so relieved to see poop! The medical term for Felix's condition is a 'fecolith'. For some reason his stool formed a large, solid mass and was not moving along the intestines normally.

Luckily, we got through this problem without surgery. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the beginning of Felix's diagnosis with intestinal cancer. After the ultrasound in February, we knew his intestines were not perfectly healthy, but did not yet have cause to do any invasive tests. We were to observe him closely for 6 months, then do another ultrasound. But the bowel obstruction just 2 months later was the evidence that something serious was going on and the only way to know what it was and what treatment options we might have was to perform an endoscopy and biopsy.

Unfortunately, Felix was diagnosed with small cell lymphoma. Fortunately, we think we caught it fairly early. This is a common cancer in older cats, and there is hope we can manage his disease with medications given at home.

It's the beginning of another journey with a senior pet. All pet lovers know the journey in their senior years can be bumpy, so the goal now is for our Indulged Kitty to travel this road with everything he needs to be happy and comfortable for as long as possible.