18 February 2008

The Shaved Tummy Club gets another member

Felix finally became a member of the Shaved Tummy Club. All the other Indulged Furries have been indoctrinated into this club, and he's been holding out on joining. But today he needed an ultrasound to complete some medical tests and there was no escaping the clippers.

My concerns about how squirmy Felix would be and how hard the vet staff would have to work were so great that I brought homemade brownies for the staff. But Felix was a cooperative patient and it wasn't an ordeal for anyone. Of course I should not have been surprised. After all, the Sacred Paws were left untouched so there was no reason for him to put up much of a fuss. He wasn't even upset by the tummy bath and blow-dry he got at home to get the goopy ultrasound gel out of his remaining fur.

We're looking forward to giving him tummy rubs as his fur is growing back. It's a fun fuzzy texture that's as much fun to rub as a kitten belly!

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