13 February 2008

Changing Habits - Plastic bags

I'm not yet in the habit of remembering I have my Baggu shopping bag in my purse, and forgot to use it during recent trip to Target. We managed to leave the store with only one bag, but only after repeatedly telling the clerk that we did not need our single cleaning product placed in it's own bag separate from our other items, which included food. It was remarkably difficult to convince the clerk a separate bag wasn't necessary, to the point where I was almost forced to take the item out of it's own bag because she was not going to do it.

Granted, the clerks are probably snapped at by customers who can't bear to think that their bottle of dish soap might come in contact with their box of cereal. But it's not like I was buying rat poison and asking it be put next to my loaf of bread!

The other thing that dismayed me was that she said the bag was "biodegradable". A plastic Target shopping bag is NOT biodegradable! Maybe one day they will be, and if that happens, I'm sure they will be putting as many items as possible in each bag due to the cost of each bag. But it was late, I could tell she just wanted her evening to be over, and I wasn't interested in correcting her.

I decided it was enough progress for one day that everything went into ONE bag.

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